Pandora Lab-Grown Diamond District

Agency: Invisible North
Role: Senior Experiential Designer
Creative: Yi-Ching Sung, Drea Velazquez, Cameron Lawrence
Content: Kodi Najm, Tommy Petrosky

In Fall of 2023, Pandora partnered with IN to develop a branded neighborhood takeover promoting their "Lab-Grown" series of diamonds. The goal was to generate press via a star-studded "pink carpet" night paired with an immersive consumer experience, which spanned two days post-launch. VIP guests were welcomed via a runway entry before engaging with branded moments, then treated to live performances later in the night. Guests on consumer days were allowed to explore the same scenic pieces and Pandora-centric experiences, albeit with a few less cameras. Across both VIP and consumer days, Our District gave the impression of a tightly packed, bustling neighborhood within the city, but in reality, was built on top of a parking lot in Soho.
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