Enphase Investor's Day

Agency: Invisible North
Role: Experiential Designer, Content Capture
Creative: Michael Pigozzi, Adam Gardner, Vaishnavi Mahendran

Enphase tasked Invisible North with organizing their 2022 Investor Day, a summit in San Fransisco inviting potential industry partners to learn about the company's suite of solar products and services. The event took place over the course of a single day in November, beginning with series of presentations from department heads and executive members of the company and concluded with a demonstration of Enphase's tech in a household setting.

The "Diagrammatic Home" walked invitees through the product ecosystem and its relationship to household energy, showcasing features like off-grid power storage and energy return to the larger grid. Additionally, Enphase product was showcased in the main stage area and accompanied by descriptive screen content and employee explanations.

As the project's experiential lead, my primary focus was development and production of the Diagrammatic Home, the summit's biggest creative lift, Understanding Enphase's solar technology was crucial to effectively designing an experience around it—it was my responsibility to design the physical structure but also familiarize myself with the product suite in order to effectively work with IN's strategist, graphic designer, and creative director. 
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